Week 8 Report

Hello all,

The last week was the 8th week of coding weeks in GSoC program. So this report is final report before phase 2 evaluation . I am still in the final exams period but I continued adding support for the non supported items.

 Report in points:
  • Working on the support of Menu Button objects .
  • Fixing Timing issue in test_insert_hyperlink.
  • Phase (1)&(2) Achievements .

1) I continued working on the "gear button menu in Tools->Customize" support. I am facing some problems and I can't solve it after doing a lot of debugging within the last week.

I tried to add a demo like the one here in this patch. The problem is that the test case stops working after executing any action from the actions that added in the support here.

For example, If I executed this line:

>>self.ui_test.execute_dialog_through_action( xmenugearbtn , "OPENFROMLIST" , mkPropertyValues({"POS": "0" }) )

The test case opens the desired dialog and stops responding until I close it manually. I don't know the reasons for this after doing my debugging. This issue appear also on lines like this:
>>  xmenugearbtn.executeAction("OPENLIST" , mkPropertyValues({}) )

I will try to solve this within next week and add the final test case and video show how the support works.


2) Also their was a problem in this patch. The problem was described by this comment : "Could there be a timing issue here? More often than not, this fails on (known slow) lo_ubsan, e.g. " I tried to solve this issue by adding the this line in this patch.


Phase (1)&(2) Achievements :
  • Solving some issues in the logger DSL .
  • Add support for Calc-Zoom .
  • Add support for Calc / Format cell / background color selector .
  • Extend the ability of ComboBoxUIObject to be able to select with text .
  • Add support for Writer-comments .
  • Add support for Dropdown items in grid window .
  • Add support to Calc - comments .
  • Add Support for SvxNumValueSet .
  • Add Support for vertical TabControl Object.
  • Add support for "ToolBox" Objects.
  • Add support for Menu Button objects.
  • extend the ComboBox UIObject.
  • Add test cases for each added support.

Next week Tasks:
  • Finalize the patch and adding new patch with test case of  "gear button menu in Tools->Customize " .
  • Work on another unsupported item.
Thanks for reading. And I am really interested to hear all your feedback and comments.


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