Week 10 Report

Hello all,

The last week was the 10th week of coding weeks in GSoC program. I worked more on adding support for new objects from the unsupported list.

 Report in points:
  • Overall work. 
  • Select Presets and Shadow Styles in border tab ValueSet.
  •  Fontwork Selector.
  • "file properties- custom properties".

The last week I worked on this 3 entries from the unsupported items:
1) "Select Presets and Shadow Styles in border tab in format table or format cell".
2) "insert -> Fontwork".
3) "file properties- custom properties".
The first 2 are done but the third needs more investigation and debugging.

After investigating format cell Dialog I found out that Presets and Shadow Styles used ValueSet for selection. So the work need to be done is to add support for the ValueSet.

I added the support for the ValueSet here in this patch. This patch will add support for all the normal valuesets inside any dialog. 
for example it will help in our case for Select Presets and Shadow Styles in borders tab to test tdf#133641
You can use the support by this line:

You can use these lines to check on your selection:

 >> get_state_as_dict(obj_name)["SelectedItemPos"]

 >> get_state_as_dict(obj_name)["SelectedItemId"]

 >> get_state_as_dict(obj_name)["ItemsCount"]

Also after investigation the Fontwork Gallery Dialog I found out that the selector of fontworks is also a ValueSet object. So the support is already added in this patch. I added here a demo has a test case to test the selector. You can find the test case in this patch. Here is a video shows how it works:


I also started this week working on "file properties- custom properties" entry from the list but it needs more investigation and debugging I will try to finish it within the next week. Also I will start working on the DSL and the logger this week beside adding support for new items. I will try to finish adding logger support for all the added new items before the last phase ends.


Next week Tasks:
  • Add the support for "file properties- custom properties" .
  • Start working on the DSL and Logger support .
Thanks for reading. And I am really interested to hear all your feedback and comments.


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