Week 6 Report

Hello all,

The last week was the 6th week of coding weeks in GSoC program. I continued adding support for the non supported items.

 Report in points:
  • Finalize the 5 patches that still under review by solving any comments .
  • Add support for "ToolBox" Objects for example" "bottom find bar" .
  • Add demo for "bottom find bar" using ToolBox support .
  • extend the ComboBox UIObject .
  • patches status.

1) The last week I left 5 patches without merging. They are mainly the patches that add support for Calc-comments and Vertical Tab Control. Also the patches of the Calc-comment demo , Writer-comment demo and insert hyperlink demo. The five patches now are merged after working on solving all the comments. The patches can be found in patches status section in the report .

2) I also This week worked on the "bottom find bar" item from the list of unsupported items. After working with this bar I found that it wasn't work because of 2 reasons. First Reason was that the FindBar has no id when it's defined. Which can be solved by this change. The second was that we don't have support for toolbox objects which added in this patch.

this patch will help us in testing any ToolBox Objects by this lines :
>> variable_name = MainWindow.getChild(Bar_name)
>> variable_name.executeAction("CLICK", mkPropertyValues({"POS": poition_x }))
For position_x you just put the id of which entry in the ToolBox do you want to press on it . Also This patch set the ID of the bottom find bar to be "FindBar" to be able to select it in UITests .

The video here show how the find bar can be used now:

3) I worked also in adding  test case for "bottom find bar" using ToolBox support . The test case tests the Find Bar in searching for all matched words the navigate between the matched words. the test case can be found here in this patch.

4) I worked also in extend the ComboBox UIObject. As ComboBox UIObject can be treated as Edit UIObject so this minor change will let us do all Edit UIObject actions on the ComboBox UIObject if needed . So now you will not only be able to select or type from the ComboBox But also you will be able to SET Text and CLEAR the text. the work will be found in this patch .

5) patches status:

Next week Tasks:
  • Finalize the 3 patches that still under review by solving any comments.
  • Work on another unsupported item.

Thanks for reading. And I am really interested to hear all your feedback and comments.


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