Week 5 Report

Hello all,

The last week was the 5th week of coding weeks in GSoC program. I continued adding support for the non supported items.

 Report in points:
  • Finalize support for Calc-comment .
  • Fix some DSL grammar errors .
  • Add support for "Hyperlink dialog. Insert ->Hyperlink".
  • Add test cases that test "Hyperlink dialog. Insert ->Hyperlink" .
  • Finalize the unfinished patches .

1) The last week I left the Calc Comments support in this patch not merged waiting the final review. the patch added a function in FuDraw class to help in closing the Comment window. So the work this week done was to move this function from the FuDraw class to the UI testing code. This approach is done in the last patch and tested on the test case in this patch. So the patch waiting for the final review.

2) I worked this week also in fixing the issue in the DSL grammar that related to "EditUIObject". It was simple modification in the string of the grammar rule but without it any selection of text inside any EditUIObject will make the automatic generation of the test case fail. The patch is now merged .

3) I also This week worked on the "Hyperlink dialog. Insert ->Hyperlink" item from the list of unsupported items. After working with this dialog I found that it wasn't work because the tabcontrol of the dialog is vertical tabcontrol not the normal tabcontrol. So I worked on adding support for vertical TabControl Object. This patch has the support.

We need support for this Object as some dialogs use it like Hyperlink Dialog. So now we can navigate in the dialog in the same way we navigate with the normal TabControl Objects.

You can use this lines in your test case that test a dialog that has vertical TabControl Object:
xtab.executeAction("SELECT", mkPropertyValues({"POS": "0"}))

The video here show how the vertical tab control can be used now for this navigation:

4) I worked also in adding  test case for Hyperlink Dialog. The test case tests the Hyperlink Dialog in inserting a Hyperlink . Also it tests the Vertical TabControl Support that added in this patch. the test case can be found here in this patch.


5) From the last week this is the status of the patches:

Next week Tasks:
  • Finalize the 5 patches that still under review by solving any comments.
  • Work on another unsupported item.

Thanks for reading. And I am really interested to hear all your feedback and comments.


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