Week 3 Report

Hello all,

The last week was the Third week of coding weeks in GSoC program. I continued adding support for the non supported items.

 Report in points:
  • Merging Writer Comments support .
  • Add demo to Writer Comment .
  • Add support for Dropdown items in grid window .
  • Add support for Calc comments .

1) The last week I left the Writer Comments item in this patch not merged. But now it's merged.


2) I also created 2 test cases here in this patch. They test the Writer comment using the UITest framework. But the test cases appear to randomly fail. So the test cases was reverted here in this patch. The commit message has the details of the failure.

I worked in investigation of why this test cases fail randomly. By trying to run the old test case multiple times locally. The problem was when you execute Command to add new comment . Sometimes the comment doesn't have enough time to be created and added as a child in the MainWindow Object So test case fails.

I tried to add "time.sleep(1)" line to make sure that the comment created and added to the MainWindow as a child. But it wasn't a good solution.

So the fix in this patch was recommended by to use this function:
"ui_test.wait_until_child_is_available(parent, childName)" 
This will make sure that that the comment was created successfully and added as a child in the MainWindow to be selected in next lines. I also tried to run the test case again multiple times in my laptop and it never fails. The patch still under review.


3) I also worked this week in Adding support for Dropdown items in grid window as we need to make test cases for issues similar to tdf#133855.

The support can be found in this patch add support for test cases that test Dropdown list of cells in Calc that can be created using:
Data -> Validity -> List
You can launch the list by this line for example:
gridwin.executeAction("LAUNCH", mkPropertyValues({"SELECTMENU": "", "COL": "2", "ROW": "9"})
Then you can select items from the list by it's id or it's text by these lines after launching the list:
xWin = self.xUITest.getTopFocusWindow()
xlist = xWin.getChild("list")
xListItem = xlist.getChild('0')
xListItem.executeAction("DOUBLECLICK" , mkPropertyValues({}) )
Also I added a test case that can be found here .

In this video I just want to show the results of this support:


4) Finnaly, last week I worked on another item which was "Calc - comments" the work is here in this patch.

Now you can use these lines to use comments in calc test cases:
  1. Open Comment Window : 
  2. Then Type text as normal :
  3. Close Comment Window :
  4. Write Comment without opening comment window:

You can also check the comment text by this line:


Next week Tasks:
  • Finalize the demo of Writer comments and megre it .
  • Finalize the support Calc-comment patch and megre it .
  • Add test case for Calc-comments .
  • start working in Writer Format-Bullets and numbering dialog Selection.

Thanks for reading. And I am really interested to hear all your feedback and comments.


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