Week 2 Report

Hello all,

The last week was the second week of coding weeks in GSoC program. I continued adding support for the non supported items.

The last week I left the cell background color item in this patch not merged. But now it's merged.

I worked this week on adding support to Comments option in Writer You can find the work in this patch. And Also extending the ability of ComboBoxUIObject selection modes in this patch.


For The selection of ComboBoxUIObject the old way you can select by this line:
xObj_name.executeAction("SELECT", mkPropertyValues({"POS": "3"}))
Now if you have the correct text of the option in the position you want to select you can select with this line:
xObj_name.executeAction("SELECT", mkPropertyValues({"TEXT": "Position_text"}))
This option is used in this test case.


For Comments in Writer:

This was done by adding support for the SwAnnotationWin class that inheret from vcl::Window. I just added a static integer to give each added comment a new unique ID.

You can now select your comment with this line:
variable name = xMainWindow.getChild("Comment"+"comment number")
Also you can do all this tasks with the comment:
  1. SELECT : to select text inside the comment
  2. TYPE : to write text inside the comment
  3. LEAVE : to return cursor back to the writer window
  4. HIDE : to hide your commet
  5. SHOW : to show your comment again
  6. RESOLVE : to mark your comment as a resolved one
  7. DELETE : Delete your comment
All this work can be found here. The patch is under review.

In this video I just want to show the results when you deal with comments using test case that handle multiple comments:

I also added a test case that can be found here in this patch. It's also still under review. It consist of 2 test cases the first one try to test all the features that can be used with comments. The second one make sure that we could handle multiple comments together.

Next week I hope to finish Comments in Calc and start with new items also.

Thanks for reading. And I am really interested to hear all your feedback and comments.


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