Week 1 Report

Hello all,

The last week was the first week of coding weeks in GSoC program. I starting adding support for the non supported items.

I begin this week with adding support to Zoom option in calc. You can find the work in this commit.

So know if you are writing a new UI test case for calc you can use this line to set the zoom to specific value:
gridwin.executeAction("SET", mkPropertyValues({"ZOOM": "100"}))
And also you can get the current zoom value as a string using this line:

Also you can check this test case that I have created to see how to work around zoom in calc.

Then I started working on another calc item which is formating cell by adding background color from the background color selector.

This can be done by adding support for the SvxColorValueSet class that inheret from the ValueSet class. This is because the selector that you can find after pressing the color button in Formating cell dialog is instance from the SvxColorValueSet class.

I added the wrapper of this type of ui items here in this commit. It still under review. I also added 2 test cases as you can find in the commit as a demo about how you could use the added support for this type of items. the first test case will check that we are able to use the color window selector and get data of the selected color and make check on it. The other one will check working of the recent color selector.

In the second test case it should open the color tab to select a color so that this color should added automatically to the item with id = 1 in the recent color selector. Then I open the color selector again and select the latest color from recent color selector and make sure that is the same one as the expected.

In this vide I just want to show the results when you run a test case that change color of a cell.

I am still working on the demo of the new added feature. Hope to finish it soon to start working on the next item.

Next week task will be to add support for comments in writer.

Thanks for reading. And I am really interested to hear all your feedback and comments.


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