GSoC Community Bonding Report

Hi all,

I am Ahmed ElShreif a senior computer engineering student from Egypt. I am really happy to announce that I am accepted this year again in GSoC with LibreOffice.

I was a GSoC'19 student with LibreOffice in this project. And I am really happy to have the chance to work with LibreOffice community again. I would like to thank Markus Mohrhard and Xisco Fauli for the support and help that they always give to me.

Last Year Project description can be found here in this Blog. As we have in LO logger system that can log user interaction so my last year project was mainly about implementing new DSL (Domain specific language) that we could log all user action in its syntax then transpile it to python UITest that we can use in testing.

I created this youtube video here that can show you how you could use the GSoC project that I made last year to create new UI test cases for LibreOffice and help QA  in testing.

This year project is to extending the ability of the uitest framework to cover the unsupported items that can be found here and add them to the current test framework and the logger system that we have with some new DSL syntax. This will give more coverage for more features in our testing in the future and will increase the power of LibreOffice UI testing framework.

I am willing to post here in this blog a weekly report about the status of the project. I am really hope to make great achievements this summer with LibreOffice.

For the Community Bonding I spend time doing this tasks:
  1. Testing the last year project more around the unsupported items.

  2. fixing some issues in the last year project like the commits that I made here:
  3. Reading the code of the existing features in the UITest framework to build better understanding of how to integrate new features with it.

  4. Study the unsupported items list more to verify that they all unsupported and to decide which of these items inherit from vcl::Window and which not as it will make different approaches of coding for this option according to this post.
As today is the first day officially by GSoC program for coding I think the first week I will be working on adding the support for this item from the list "background color selector - Calc/Format cell" and also I will try to provide some demo about how to use it in testing. If their will be enough time I will try to implement the logger part of it.

I am interested to hear all your feedback and comments about the 2 projects.

Thanks for your reading.


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